FloweryTweetup – Manchester

They had to shut us out in the end :-))

A big thankyou to all those that braved the Manchester wind last night and hit the first Flowerytweetup outside of London. We managed to comsume our alcohol and meet some new and interesting people, great to hear from the NSPCC are looking to embrace social media and new technoilogies to help drive out their message to a wider audience.

Of course a big thanks to @paulfabretti (gabba) @Journey9_UK @stewarttownsend for sponsoring the bar and drinks at #flowerytweetup last night and a impromptou drop in from Jamiesons whisky who managed to ply us all full of FREE geourgous doubles, yummy on a cold night.

So keep an eye out for the next Manchester event in January, and look forward to seeing you all soon, in the meantime download the latest app from http://www.creativetourist.com/app to get the best out of Manchester its great for people like me who live hear….as well.


Flowery “Thirsty” Thursday – Bristol


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If you live in London, you can spend every day/evening attending events, meeting fellow “Silicon Roundabout” startups and if you are very lucky, you might even bump into a fabled VC or London’s very own “Super” Angel.

But not everyone lives in London and not every single successful VC, startup or serial entrepreneur is based in London which is why my friends and I (#flowerytweetup) have been hosting regional startup events in Manchester and Brighton, but oddly we’ve never hosted an event in Bristol?

So Mark Panay (@redeye) from ContactZilla, Angus Fox (@nuxnix) from Twitter’s Developer Nest and I (@ssethi) decided that it would be a good idea to organise an informal get together of local digital startups and investors in order to share experiences and ideas in a very cool venue with a few drinks and some music.

Or as Mark put it simply and elegantly  ”An evening about how to get shit done outside of London“.

So we have gathered a small line up of start-up Founders and Angels, both locally and from London, who’ve already raised money, built their business and made a few mistakes, who are prepared to answer your questions and impart some of their experience.

So if you fancy coming along, please RSVP to get into the venue and redeem it for a free cocktail courtesy of Ruth at Amoeba.  There will also be a limited free bar courtesy of Coull and Zubworld (Thanks for your support guys).

And finally … even though this event is free, I would ask you all to please consider donating a small amount to the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign.

So go here for a ticket and venue details now

FloweryCinema – The Social Network – A big thanks to all

So Friday 15th October, 200+ geeks gathered at the Odeon cinema in Covent Garden to watch The Social Network, a film focused on depicting the birth and growth of facebook. Well here at the Flowerytweetup HQ we wanted to make sure our friends got the best seats in the house with some drinks to help keep the conversation flowing.

Well as you can see, we had 200+ in a fully packed screen 5 and from the tweet stream it seems everyone had a great night, met some interesting people and also appreciated the wine and beer.

Thanks to our helpers on the night, getting 200 people into the cinema, allocating tickets and making certain they had a drink within 45 minutes was a challenge, but they did a great job and go check  out the pictures from the night from our lovely one and only @dalmaine as well.

Where the REAL action is…

Watch the video above for a taster of what you can expect from Voodoo Spell… Oh, did we mention that Baron Samedi will be joining us for the evening as well? Mwah! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Book your tickets now!

What’s your poison?

To make your evening extra spooky, Trader Vic’s have mixed up some unique cocktails especially for our Halloween party. You will also be able to visit the ‘Potion Corners’ where our ghastly staff will serve you with samples of Elements 8 and Appleton Rum to warm your undead soul.

Places are limited, so book your tickets now for the best Halloween party in town!

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